Beneath the Cottonwood


10 X 20
14.5 X 24.5 Framed
Oil on Canvas


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A native to Colorado, Rodriguez graduated from the University of Colorado and most recently, studied at the Art Students League of Denver. His time is split between teaching, working in Architecture and painting out of his studio in Pine, CO…and riding his Quarter Horses’ Skippin Thru Smoke & Trinity.

Artist’s Statement:
Using oil paints to explore both the cultural and physical aspects of my region to articulate a form of self-understanding in the face of cultural and economic expansion. I seek to embody and convey the contemporary western landscape and the features that characterize this region. The pieces I create spark memories of place and time. For each of us, the vision is personal. But the record of visual memories binds us together within this locale.

Richard Rodriguez Painting, Oil on Canvas 10 X 20 (Interest categories: Oil on Canvas, Barn, Tree, Painting, Traditional Paintings, Fine Art, Art Gallery, Richard Rodriguez Artist)

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