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Murray’s approach to the art of expression within the realms of strict photorealism is to create the sensation of personal intimacy within the natural world of her subject.

Her paintings of birds are designed to showcase the aesthetic beauty of the animal and most often will be composed in such a way as to obscure other nearby objects to allow the viewer to imagine the world as perhaps maybe the bird might experience it. By showcasing most of the anatomy of the bird, she also creates an iconic look. It is as if they stand as the ambassador to their species. Another pattern with Murray’s work is that she always wants the direct eye to eye contact from the painting of the bird’s eye to the viewer’s eye. She states, “Because of my fascination with Kirby Sattler’s work and his interesting way of interpreting spiritual beliefs, I thought it would be intriguing to bring the soul of the animal to the attention of the viewer by use of the eyes, such as Sattler’s work has accomplished. Birds are fascinating creatures with their migration patterns, social behaviors, adaptations, and the hundreds of varieties that can be found throughout all the bio-geographical regions of the world. They have been with us since the dinosaurs, and actually they are now considered by many ornithologists to be evolution of those dinosaurs that managed to survive the mass extinctions the earth has endured.”

Her pursuit of birds started several years ago and continues with over one hundred paintings now completed. She has participated in numerous fine art shows throughout her career in Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona, California and Colorado. Her work has been collected throughout the United States and abroad, and her latest series of work is now available in a hardbound portfolio book entitled, “Wings.” She is an avid outdoor enthusiast who spends most weekends on a bike, a hiking trail, or camping in the Colorado rocky mountains. She currently lives in the Black Forest of Colorado.

As a member of the Colorado Springs community, Murray studied under Charles Rocky and Floyd Tunson (regionally known Manitou Springs artists who taught within the area in the 1970’s and 80’s), she also attended the Bemis Fine Art at the young age eight as her talent was recognized early in life. In 2000 she attended Pikes Peak Community College and from that point forward independently pursued mastering photo-realism. In 2011, she participated in a local group show with the Hayden Hays Art Gallery (now The Broadmoor Galleries), and shortly thereafter later joined the gallery as one of their staff. Murray continues to work with the staff on occasion.

Karla Murray Painting, Oil on Board 10 X 8 (Interest categories: Oil on Board, Landscape, Bird, Painting, Traditional Paintings, Fine Art, Art Gallery, Karla Murray Artist)

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