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37 X 37 X 6
Copper & Meteorites

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My artwork has led me from Texas to California and now to Atlanta, GA, all the while expanding my knowledge and skills in the novel expression of art within many mediums. I create sculpture formed from natural materials and blend them with significant items of natural history such as meteorites, fossilized fish, ammonites, and trilobites. It is my goal to stir the thought and imagination of people by bringing these valuable items of natural history from being stagnantly displayed on shelves and in display cases and conjoining them with intricate sculptures that invoke the perception of motion of items that were all once in motion millions if not billions of years ago.

James Ivy Sculpture, Copper & Meteorites 37 X 37 X 6 (Interest categories: Copper & Meteorites, Space, Mineral, Sculpture, Sculptures and Accent Pieces, Fine Art, Art Gallery, James Ivy Artist)

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Mon-Sat 9:30am-5:30pm
Sunday 9:30am-5:00pm

Workshop Materials List

1. Clay – Chavant Le Beau Touche. Get the regular clay, not HM (high melt).
2. Clay warming devices, a metal bucket with a clamp on heat lamp or 100 W bulb works great.
3. Tie wire.
4. Aluminum foil.
5. Scissors.
6. Favorite sculpture tools.
7. Plank of wood (pine) approximately 8″ x 8″ x 2″.
Bring as many planks as you wish…the wood is used as the base for your sculpture.
8. Plumber’s pipe, 1/2″ threaded: Bring several different lengths…up to 10″…not PVC pipe.
Plumber’s pipe T joint.
Plumber’s pipe couplers.
Plumber’s pipe flange.
9. Screws and screwdriver to secure the flange to wood…this may be done before you arrive. (Place flange in the center of plank)
10. Wire cutters
11. Needle nose pliers
12. Rubber mallet.
13. Spatula
14. Measuring devices such as rulers, measuring tape, dividers, and calipers.
15. Because we concentrate on BIRDS IN FLIGHT, live models in the classroom are more distracting than useful. I will demonstrate the technique of constructing a cantilevered bird armature that can be used for many different bird species and will show you how to assemble shapes to capture the “gist” of the specific bird.
16. Bird field guides such as Peterson, Stokes, Golden, or Sibley. Sibley’s Guide to Birds (not Sibley’s Guide to Bird Life and Behavior) is best if bringing only one field guide. This popular book can usually be purchased at any bookstore.
17. Bring your laptop to the class if possible.
18. Bring your sketchbook.

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