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Oil on Canvas

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An artist whose experience as a working cowboy gave him first hand knowledge of western subjects.
His paintings exhibit a fanciful, graphic style mixed with a taste for pop culture interpretations of
western figures especially cowboy and cowgirl iconography. He approaches traditional themes with humor, strong sense of design, and a sunny palette, all of which give his work a lighthearted flavor. Blake has said of his work that it combines “fine art with decorative style the idea to create an era,
a nostalgia, so the image can evoke memories of a simple time.”

Besides painting and sculpture he has done silk scarves, album covers, furniture, dinnerware, clothing and travel canvas bags, his posters are colorful and can be seen in most western galleries.

Buckeye Blake Painting, Oil on Canvas 30 X 40 (Interest categories: Oil on Canvas, Landscape, Cowboy, Painting, Western Art, Fine Art, Art Gallery, Buckeye Blake Artist)

Buckeye's work can be seen in the these permanent collections:

Buffalo Bill Historical Center
3m museum
Denver Art Museum
C.M. Russell Museum
Harmsen Collection
Buckeye Blake has had a one man retrospect at the Buffalo Bill Historical Society.
Monuments include C.M. Russell in Great Falls, Montana and Kit Carson in Carson City, Nevada.
Buckeye Blake has also been featured in countless magazines and publications.
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