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Veryl Goodnight and her husband, Roger Brooks, live in the mountains of Southwest Colorado, between Durango and Mesa Verde National Park. The dramatic landscapes, abundant wildlife, and the ranching community provide endless inspiration for both sculpture and painting.

The essence of Veryl’s work is a result of working from life. Her studio is at the end of the horse barn and includes a “model run” to the west and an overhead door between the studio and the barn aisle to assist with large sculptures. Veryl is spending more and more time painting and her art studio provides uninterrupted views and frequent wildlife sightings out of every window.

Veryl has monumental sculptures across the United States and in Europe and Japan. The most notable is “The Day The Wall Came Down,” a 14,000 pound bronze sculpture consisting of five larger than life size horses jumping over the fallen Berlin Wall. The United States Air Force flew this monument to Berlin, Germany in 1998 on the 50th anniversary of the Berlin Airlfit, where it was installed in the Allied Museum. A sister casting is at the George H. W. Bush Presidential Library in Texas. In November 2019 a maquette of this sculptures was unveiled at the U. S. Air Force Academy. This maquette joins already installed sister maquette castings at the Central Intelligence Agency and the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Veryl’s work has been profiled in several books and her work has been featured in all major American art magazines. For years Veryl has exhibited in prestigious museum shows such as the Autry Museum in Los Angeles, the Old West Museum in Cheyenne, the Eitelgorg Museum in Indianaoplis, the Gilcrease Museum in Oklahoma City, the Cowgirl Hall of Fame Museum in Fort Worth and the National Museum of Wildlife Art in Jackson Hole.

Veryl is a Fellow of the National Sculpture Society and a member of the Society of Animal Artists. In 2016 Veryl was inducted into the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame. Not by being a cowgirl but for her decades long representation of the American West in art.

Veryl and her husband live outside the small mountain town of Mancos, Colorado. They have a ranch that includes horses, a donkey and a team of sled dogs that Veryl has trained herself. Veryl now spends more of her time oil painting than sculpting. The quiet serenity of Veryl’s environment allows her to concentrate on what she does best, create art. Veryl’s great enthusiasm about life and art mirrors the title of her art book. With Veryl there is “No Turning Back.”

Veryl Goodnight Sculpture, Bronze 6.5 X 9.5 X 5 (Interest categories: Bronze, Chipmunk, Peanut, Sculpture, Sculptures and Accent Pieces, Fine Art, Art Gallery, Veryl Goodnight Artist)

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