Saddle Up


12 X 9
Oil on Canvas

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Public perceptions about the nation’s western heritage often are only misconceptions. For some, the pictures that come to mind about the American frontier are the idyllic scenes of cowboys relaxing by a campfire after a hard day on the trail, or a vast herd of cattle being led into the sunset by skilled ranch ands. Along with such limited visions about the country’s treasured ancestry comes the impression that these lifestyles are confined to a past era and gone forever.
But today’s American cowboy is still a reality. And for artist Connie Johnson, this fact is true as the simple, honest, and hard-working lifestyle that she lives and captures in here paintings. As such, Connie’s western art depicts not a slanted view of the picturesque memories and sunsets by a truly accurate picture of today’s American West.
Born and raised on a farm in northeast Iowa, Connie moved to Colorado in 1968 and lived several years in Colorado Springs before settling back into a rural setting 40 miles east of the city on the plains of Colorado.. It’s in this natural, open setting of her country home that she captures on canvas the everyday lives of today’s working cowboys, their stock and tools of their trade. Visiting and spending time at the places and with the people she paints are an intricate part of Connie’s artistic process in capturing the true character and atmosphere of her subjects.
“Certainly the talent that everyone had God-given; however it’s a matter of recognizing your talent and then working very hard to the end result… this is true in whatever your profession is, you have to stay dedicated and then work hard.” Connie’s practice and dedication over the past 25 years of documenting the contemporary working cowboy has gained her the recognition of being one of the top female western artists. Connie is one of the few artists who will accept commission assignments with a limited number available, usually with a six-month backlog.


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