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An American Impressionist, Gregory works each day to paint in the vein of the impressionists. “I wish to carry on the conversation begun by Monet, and I believe there is still much to be said”, says Gregory. Having been an avid drawer while growing up it wasn‘t until 1998 that Gregory began painting in earnest. After 18 years of painting more and more his work is infusing the stately quality of the traditional impressionists with his own unique approach and subject choice.
Growing up with a love for drawing, Gregory’s first painting experiences came later in life where in college he took a couple painting classes as he earned his bachelor’s degree in English. For a year while working and attending college he and a friend rented an art studio simply to paint and draw for fun as they had time. It wasn’t until age 28, six years after those first real painting experiences that he finally decided to open the door again to the undying urge to be an artist. He took back-to-back painting workshops from notable artists Robert Moore and Delbert Gish and became enamored with the work of the California and Russian impressionists. With passion ablaze, he and his wife began the difficult and unending journey that many artists before have traveled. He furthered his studies with painters Robert Johnson and finally, and probably most notably, with Ovanes Berberian.

After many years with his wife’s encouragement and support, early in 2005 his wife was able to trade jobs from being a Physical Therapist to being a stay-at-home mom and Gregory started painting full time. With a son and a daughter, Gregory prefers to travel and paint with his family or paint near home.

“. . . It is this daily life we live, the nature of ourselves and our world, that so excites me when standing before my canvas—life’s vital creation that is my source of inspiration and humility.” —Gregory Packard

Gregory Packard Painting, Oil on Panel 30 X 48 (Interest categories: Oil on Panel, , , Painting, Traditional Paintings, Fine Art, Art Gallery, Gregory Packard Artist)

• 1-Person Show • Brinton Museum: Inaugural show of newly built, state of the art facility, 2015
• Northwest Rendezvous Group Show: Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine’s “Best of Show” award, 2017
• Vernon Filley Museum invitational, 2017
• Gilcrease Museum invitational miniature show, 2015, 2016
• 3-Person Show • Greenhouse Gallery • San Antonio, TX • Nov. 2012–2008
• 2-Person Show • Scottsdale Fine Art • Scottsdale, AZ • 2011, 2009–2008
• 1-Person Show • Bradford Brinton Memorial & Museum • Big Horn, WY • 2010
• 2-Person Show • Long Gallery • Scottsdale, AZ • March, 2006
• 1-Person Show • Greenwhichhouse Gallery • Cincinnati, OH • 2011, 2006–2005
• 1-Person Show • Bradford Brinton Memorial & Museum • Big Horn, WY • 2004
• 1-Person Show • Montana Trails Gallery • Bozeman, MT • 2007, 2005, 2004, 2002
• Southwest Art, feature article June 2015
• Southwest Art, editorial and cover image May 2013
• Southwest Art, feature article August 2012
• Southwest Art, group article October 2010
• Art of the West, feature article March/April 2010 and Collectors’ edition 2011
• Western Art Collector, March issue 2009
•, May 2008
• American Art Collector, April issue 2008, April issue 2010
• Great Artists of Today, 2005 calendar, December featured artist
• "How Did You Paint That? 100 Ways to Paint Flowers & Gardens": International Artist's
• "Collector's Choice": Cowboys and Indians magazine, January, 2004
• "Artists to Watch": Southwest Art magazine, December, 2002
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Monday – Saturday 9:30AM-5:30PM
Sunday: 9:30 AM-5:00PM

Workshop Materials List

1. Clay – Chavant Le Beau Touche. Get the regular clay, not HM (high melt).
2. Clay warming devices, a metal bucket with a clamp on heat lamp or 100 W bulb works great.
3. Tie wire.
4. Aluminum foil.
5. Scissors.
6. Favorite sculpture tools.
7. Plank of wood (pine) approximately 8″ x 8″ x 2″.
Bring as many planks as you wish…the wood is used as the base for your sculpture.
8. Plumber’s pipe, 1/2″ threaded: Bring several different lengths…up to 10″…not PVC pipe.
Plumber’s pipe T joint.
Plumber’s pipe couplers.
Plumber’s pipe flange.
9. Screws and screwdriver to secure the flange to wood…this may be done before you arrive. (Place flange in the center of plank)
10. Wire cutters
11. Needle nose pliers
12. Rubber mallet.
13. Spatula
14. Measuring devices such as rulers, measuring tape, dividers, and calipers.
15. Because we concentrate on BIRDS IN FLIGHT, live models in the classroom are more distracting than useful. I will demonstrate the technique of constructing a cantilevered bird armature that can be used for many different bird species and will show you how to assemble shapes to capture the “gist” of the specific bird.
16. Bird field guides such as Peterson, Stokes, Golden, or Sibley. Sibley’s Guide to Birds (not Sibley’s Guide to Bird Life and Behavior) is best if bringing only one field guide. This popular book can usually be purchased at any bookstore.
17. Bring your laptop to the class if possible.
18. Bring your sketchbook.

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