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Being a commercial photographer for more than 35 years, Colorado Springs resident Don Jones was always on the leading edge of technology. But lately, he’s been going backwards. About 150 years backwards, in fact. Today he shoots with his 8×10-inch wooden-frame Deardorff camera with an 1890 brass lens. And his work is much more craft than tech.

Over the past five years, Don has mastered the art and science of Wet Plate Collodion photography and is now using this process to create authentic, 19th Century glass plate images.

Recent wet plate work includes photographing the renowned Florida Highwaymen painters for their new Museum. And images for the 19th Century Project, a show that was part of the Colorado Springs Sesquicentennial celebration.

For the past several months he has turned his lens on the West, documenting some of the places and characters that make up this rugged territory. Which is appropriate, because the Wet Plate Collodion process was the predominant photographic method from around 1851 until 1880, a time when much of the World first discovered the Old West.

Don’s Western photos and the story of Wet Plate Collodions were told in the 2022 February/ March issue of the prestigious Cowboys & Indians magazine.

Don Jones Photography, Facsimile Print 8 X 10 (Interest categories: Facsimile Print, Western, Portrait, Photography, Works On Paper, Fine Art, Art Gallery, Don Jones Artist)

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