Winter Mosaic


12 X 24
18.5 X 30.5 Framed
Oil on Linen Panel

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Jared Brady b. 1998, who currently resides in Colorado, is a representational artist working mainly in oils. After being introduced to oil painting and the representational art world at age 16 by artist Ken Shanika, Jared has since dedicated his time to honing his craft. He has continued his education through workshops with artists including Quang Ho and Daniel Keys.

He continues to explore new visual concepts and subject matter and is excited by the countless possibilities of art. “There is beauty everywhere I look. The same visual concepts that excite me in a grand vista can also be found in a simple still life.”

Jared Brady has been a featured artist in Southwest Art Magazine, 21 Under 31: Young Artists to Watch in 2019, Western Art & Architecture, Illuminations: Artist Spotlights 2019, and Art of the West 2021

Jared Brady Painting, Oil on Linen Panel 12 X 24 (Interest categories: Oil on Linen Panel, Natural Sublime, Impresssionist, Painting, Traditional Paintings, Fine Art, Art Gallery, Jared Brady Artist)

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