Broadmoor Galleries Art Academy
Broadmoor Art Academy
Started in 2021 with Master Plein Aire Impressionist artist, Ovanes Berberian, Broadmoor Galleries Art Academy is continuing the tradition established by Julie and Spencer Penrose of supporting art and culture in the Pikes Peak region.
All Workshops consist of an All-Inclusive 5 Nights Resort Package Hosted in Conjunction with The Broadmoor including a 4 1/2 Day, 5 Night Stay at The Broadmoor, Receptions with the Nationally known artists at the Beginning and End of the Workshop, 4 1/2 days of Instruction from the artists including Breakfast & Lunch on the Days with Classes. *All Classes are Limited to 14 Students.
October 16-20
The Art of Sculpting
Featuring nationally known artists Sandy Scott, Gerald Balciar and Stefan Savides.
This workshop begins with an intimate reception with the artists on Sunday. Enjoy heavy Hor d’Oeuvre’s and cocktails as you are introduced to the Artists and your fellow students before an enchanting week of Sculpting. The workshop culminates with a 3-person show on Thursday, Oct 16th showcasing works by your three Museum Artist instructors.
November 6-10
Icons of American Art
Nationally known Artists Thomas Blackshear II, Dean Mitchell, and Ezra Tucker.
Join us for this unprecedented event with workshops lead by prominent black voices in the Western Art World. Classes will be lead by Thomas Blackshear and Ezra Tucker and concludes with a 3-Man show exploring the Black Experience.
February 12-17
Classical Painting – Painterly & Technical
Mian Situ, Benjamin Wu and Zhaoming Wu
Learn from these Classically trained Asian American talents, from traditional compositional elements - creating subconscious structure and harmony, to loose, expressive, impressionist strokes, implying and describing subject matter in its essential form.

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Mon-Sat 9:30am-5:30pm
Sunday 9:30am-5:00pm