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      Mustang Dance


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          Throughout my life, I’ve felt a deep connection to nature. At an early age, I expressed
          that connection by doodling with pencil and paper the animals my parents took me
          to see at the Field Museum and the Lincoln Park Zoo. My professional studio training
          at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago expanded my range of media to include
          oil painting and sculpture, and my subsequent work in Wisconsin’s forestry industry
          immersed me further in the natural world. My work as an architectural custom
          carpenter further expanded my artistic skills.

          All of these influences came together about 25 years ago as I began carving detailed,
          lifelike birds. My works earned permanent places in the collections of prestigious
          institutions including Maryland’s Ward Museum of Wildlife Art.

          In the early 1990s, my bird-carving efforts led me to begin sculpting less detailed,
          more expressive bronze bird sculptures, which joined the collections not only of the
          Ward but also such art museums as the Bennington Center in Vermont and
          Wisconsin’s Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum. These works, in turn, provided a
          pathway toward my current creations: expressive limited-edition bronzes of wildlife
          ranging from bison to bighorn sheep, musk oxen to polar bears. I research all these
          sculptures first-hand in the wild, taking extensive photographs – as well as
          collecting river rocks that I have begun to incorporate into my animal sculptures,
          underscoring their connection to the natural world.

          In every artwork I create, I strive to distill the essence of my subject, to capture its
          gestures, personality, and character correctly through the expressive powers of my
          medium. Most of the bronze process is done in my own studio, because I believe that
          such attention to detail at every stage of the process, start to finish, enables me to
          stay as true as possible both to my subject and to my vision of it as an artist.

          Pete’s most recent honor was given Fall 2013 in Jackson Wyoming where he was awarded the Bob Kuhn award!!

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