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      Tiger Salamander (Blue)


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                  Pokey Park (Marie Whittle-Webb Park)

                  Pokey Park is a sculptor extraordinaire, and artist whose early and endearing love of both nature and art are the foundation for her whimsical, magical creations. From her childhood in coastal Georgia to her current homes in Arizona and Colorado, the creatures and beauty of nature have inspired and moved her.

                  Her kinship and communion with nature and its inhabitants results in uniquely stylized bronzes of animals of every size, shape and species.

                  Each has human characteristics that bring them to life in an arresting, playful manner. “I create with the hope that my work will bring a smile to the viewer. My animal sculptures are expressive, almost invariably happy. Positive energy flows through me into my work and I feel this is why they connect so well with people.”

                  While her animal subjects are the mainstay of her body of work, Pokey explores mythology, ethnography and traditional culture in many of her works. Her “Tortoise” series displays these fantastical creatures in a positive and beneficial light while “The Shaman” and her exquisite totems- for example- draw on native tradition and motifs.

                  “My inspiration stems from mythical and cultural symbols spanning both time and peoples. The curtural diversity found across the globe together with my passion for historical traditions dictates my creative output.”

                  Pokey’s style reflects her belief that life is to be celebrated with attitude and flair. Movement and balance juxtapose in harmony while her joy of life is readily apparent for all who have the pleasure to view or purchase her pieces.

                  Pokey’s work has been publicly displayed across the United States and internationally. Her sculptures reside in many private collections, public gardens, and museums, and new pieces are always eagerly anticipated.

                  Always enthralled by the richness and beauty of nature, Pokey continues to meld culture and tradition in sculptures that are celebratory of life and the things she loves.

                  My inspirations are from myths and cultural symbols repeated throughout history connecting disparate people. The South’s rich cultural history mixed with my enthusiastic pursuit of cultural mythology- especially Native American creation myths- has given me endless inspiration for my animal sculptures wrapped in mythical themes. I’ve been lucky to be born in an era of global communication and to have the opportunity to travel the world. My style reflects my belief that life needs to be celebrated with whimsy and attitude. I use the flow of lines and surface patterns to create positive and negative spaces in my sculpture. This creates movement and balance between the parts. Everything has serious and whimsical dimensions. I look for the underlying joy in the world to express in my sculpture.

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