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Chula Beauregard (b. 1974) is a sixth-generation Coloradan. After graduating from Whitman College as an Art Major, cum laude, Chula went on to serve as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Gabon, Central Africa. Coming home to the Colorado mountains, she finds painting is her preferred way to engage in the Western landscape.

Beauregard is a signature member of the American Impressionist Society (AIS), and American Women Artists (AWA). She has been honored with notable awards in each group, including the Artists’ Choice Award at the National AIS Exhibit (2023). She won the President’s Award of Excellence with the Oil Painters of America (2022). She won 1st Place awards at the Steamboat Art Museum Plein Air Event (2015, 2016, 2019), and served as Faculty at the Plein Air Convention and Expo (PACE, 2023). She has been invited to several museum shows, including the Brinton Museum (Big Horn, WY), the Western Spirit Museum (Scottsdale, AZ), the Steamboat Art Museum (Steamboat Springs, CO), Bennington Art Center (Bennington, VT), Booth Western Art Museum (Cartersville, GA), and the Tucson Desert Art Museum (Tucson, AZ).

Her work can be found in public and private collections. She is represented by the Simpson-Gallagher Gallery (Cody, WY) and the Broadmoor Galleries (Colorado Springs, CO).

Artist Statement:

“The Western experience is one of contradictions as we navigate between modern progress and pure wildness. Geographically rooted in the West, I intend to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary. Using the classical approach, I apply the tools that have been tried and tested through the centuries: patterns of light and dark, color theories, and techniques to create illusions of space. However, I find the modern approach lends the freedom I need to express the intuitive sense of place: color fields, expressive mark layering, and textures that unite the painted surface. I honor the infinite Beauty of this land, while striving to contribute a relevant voice in these modern times.”

Chula Beauregard Painting, Oil on Linen 6 X 8 (Interest categories: Oil on Linen, Landscape, Broadmoor, Painting, Traditional Paintings, Fine Art, Art Gallery, Chula Beauregard Artist)

Exhibitions & Events
• Oil Painters of America Western Regional Exhibit, St. George, UT, Nov 2017, Scottsdale, AZ, Nov 2016
• Governor’s Office of Economic Development Lobby Exhibit, Denver, CO, Oct – Dec 2017
• American Women Artists National Exhibit, Tucson, AZ, Nov 2017
• Mountain Oyster Club Invitational Exhibit, Tucson, AZ, Nov 2017
• Imagining the West, Steamboat Art Museum Invitational Exhibit, Dec 2017
• Southwest Art Magazine, “Artist to Watch” October, 2016
• Plein Air Artists of Colorado Annual Exhibit, Boulder, CO, Sept 2016, Sept 2017
• Steamboat Art Museum Plein Air Event, June 2016, 1st Place, Sept 2015, 1st Place
• Governor’s Art Show, Loveland, CO, April 2016
• Western Spirit Art Show, Cheyenne, WY, March 2012, 2016
• Mountain Oyster Club Art Show, Tucson, AZ, November 2015
• American Impressionist Society Annual Juried Exhibit, October 2014, October 2015
• Raw Hide and Spurs Exhibit, Mountain Trails Gallery, Santa Fe, NM July 2015, 2nd Place
• 2015 recipient of the Oil Painters of America Shirl Smithson Scholarship
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Monday – Saturday 9:30AM-5:30PM
Sunday: 9:30 AM-5:00PM

"Moore Art: A Family Affair"

Exhibition, Reception, and Sale

Colorado Springs, CO – Broadmoor Galleries is excited to announce ” Moore Art: A Family Affair,” a special exhibition featuring the works of American impressionist painter Robert Moore and his two children, Anna, and Robbie Moore. The exhibition will open on May, 18, 2023, and run through June 8th, 2023, at Broadmoor Galleries located at The Broadmoor, 1 Lake Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80906.

WHAT:    Moore Art: A Family Affair

WHO:      Featuring:
                 Robert Moore, Anna Moore, and Robbie Moore

WHEN:    Thursday, May 18th, from 4-8PM

WHERE:  Broadmoor Galleries at the Broadmoor Hotel
                  1 Lake Circle
                  Colorado Springs CO 80906


Broadmoor Galleries in Colorado Springs is proud to present “Moore Art: A Family Affair,” an exhibition that showcases the unique artistic styles of American impressionist artist Robert Moore, and his two children, Anna, and Robbie Moore. Robert, who is colorblind and paints with both hands simultaneously, has established himself as a prominent figure in the art world, and his children have followed in his footsteps.

Robert Moore, a celebrated American painter who is colorblind and paints with both hands simultaneously, is known for his signature landscapes, cityscapes, and portraits. The exhibition will showcase a range of Moore’s works alongside those of his talented children.

“Moore Art: A Family Affair” is a unique opportunity to experience the work of three incredibly talented artists from the same family,” said Broadmoor Galleries director, Jamie Oberloh. “Robert Moore’s impressionistic style is a true representation of the beauty and diversity of America, and his children Anna and Robbie are following in his footsteps with their own unique styles and techniques.”

Robert Moore’s artistic achievements are all the more remarkable given that he is colorblind. Despite this, he has become known for his ability to create vivid and striking color palettes in his paintings. He has also developed a unique technique of painting with both hands simultaneously, which allows him to create intricate details and textures in his works.

Moore’s use of both hands to paint has been compared to the way a pianist uses both hands to play a complex piece of music. This technique requires a great deal of focus and coordination, and it has become one of Moore’s signature methods.

Moore’s colorblindness has also influenced his work in other ways. He has said that he is drawn to painting landscapes because he is able to see the world in shades of green, which he can differentiate more easily than other colors. This has led him to develop a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature and the environment.

Despite his colorblindness and unique painting technique, Robert Moore has become one of America’s most beloved impressionist painters. His works continue to inspire and captivate viewers, and his contributions to American art are truly remarkable.

Anna Moore, a professional artist in her own right, draws inspiration from her father’s work and her surroundings, using her skillful brushstrokes to capture the essence of nature in her landscapes. She works in a variety of media, including oil painting, watercolor, and printmaking. Her work is inspired by the natural beauty of the American West and the people and places that inhabit it.  

Robbie Moore, who recently graduated with a Finance degree from the University of Arkansas, has always had a passion for art and the natural world. He has developed his skills in drawing, gouache, watercolor, and oil painting, and his work has been featured in a company calendar commissioned by his employer. With his father’s legacy of developing artists and a lineage of artists in his family, Robbie’s future aspiration is to make the most out of his upbringing and create a name for himself in the art world.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase the work of three incredibly talented artists,” said Broadmoor Galleries’ director, Jamie Oberloh. “The combination of Robert’s impressionistic paintings with Anna and Robbie’s unique styles and mediums creates a truly exceptional exhibition that will delight and inspire our visitors. Their paintings are a true representation of the beauty and diversity of America, and we are honored to share the work with our community.”

The exhibition will be open to the public from May 18th, 2023, through June 8th, 2023, and will feature a special reception on May 18th, 2023, from 4-8 pm, where visitors can meet the artists and enjoy light refreshments. All works in the exhibition will be available for sale.

Recommended Supplies

  • Oil paints
    • Alizarin Crimson
    • Cadmium Orange
    • Cadmium Yellow Medium
    • Viridian Green
    • Ultramarine Blue
    • Quinacridone Violet
    • Burnt sienna
    • Yellow ochre
    • Paynes Grey
    • White
  • Filbert brushes – #4, #8, and #12
  • Palette knives – 3” teardrop shape (if you want to paint with knives)
  • Razor scraper
  • Easel or Pochade box
  • 5 larger (12×16 up) canvases, canvas boards (or masonite boards)
  • 10 Small (8×10 – 11×14) Boards for Quick Studies
  • Odorless Thinner-Turpentine
  • Paper Towels
  • Plastic Trash Bags
  • Drop Cloth
  • Apron and/or clothes suitable for painting


Optional Supplies

  • Carrier for wet paintings
  • Photos for subject reference

1 Lake Circle Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906