Upcoming Events

Broadmoor Art Experience

The Show

July 10 - Aug 1

Beginning with the 10th of July Weekend, in conjunction with The Broadmoor, Broadmoor Galleries is hosting our 4th annual Broadmoor Art Experience.

The show takes place over the course of 4 weekends throughout the month of July with 15-20 artists setting up each Saturday & Sunday throughout the Broadmoor Property, creating new pieces on site while being available to visit with guests and collectors.

Past Events

Cody Oldham Solo Show

Show Opening

February 26-27th

Friday 3-7pm - with the artist
Saturday 1-6pm - with the artist

He began his artistic career experimenting with abstracts, wildlife, and dinosaurs (as any kid would). He started by sculpting dinosaurs then paintings them. New York artist James Gurney inspired him to paint dinosaurs and is still a huge influence on Cody’s work...


Sun-Thu 9:30am-5:00pm​
Fri-Sat 9:30am-5:30pm​