Upcoming Events

June Event

Greg Ragland Painting Cream and Red Rufous Acrylic on Panel
The Many Dimensions of Greg Ragland

June 2nd

Show opening 4-8pm with the artist

July Event

Broadmoor Art Experience - More than 20 artists a weekend in July live painting and sculpting on site at The Broadmoor!

July Sat & Sun's

September Event

Alexandr Onishenko Painting Atelier's Window Series Oil on Canvas
Alexandr Onishenko Artist
Alexandr Onishenko - From Prague with Love - New Work - Third Times the Charm

October Event

Bruce Cheever Painting Ancestral Spirits Oil on Linen
Broadmoor Art Academy
All Workshops consist of an All-Inclusive 5 Nights Resort Package Hosted in Conjunction with The Broadmoor including a 4 1/2 Day, 5 Night Stay at The Broadmoor, Receptions with the Nationally known artists at the Beginning and End of the Workshop, 4 1/2 days of Instruction from the artists including Breakfast & Lunch on the Days with Classes. *All Classes are Limited to 14 Students.

November Event

Thomas Blackshear, Ezra Tucker and Dean Mitchell - Icons of American Art Show (Broadmoor Galleries Art Academy classes will be available for Thomas Blackshear and Ezra Tucker, contact us to reserve your space, more information to follow.)

November 10th

Thursday, November 10th, 4:00PM-8:00PM
Started in 2021 with Master Plein Aire Impressionist Artist Ovanes Berberian Broadmoor Galleries Art Academy is continuing the tradition established by Julie and Spence Penrose of supporting art and culture in the Pikes Peak Region by hosting nationally renowned artists in a series of Artists Workshops and Schools. Check back for more information regarding our Broadmoor Galleries Art Academy courses to be hosted throughout the year.

Past Events

March Event

Don Jones Wet Plate Collodion Photography - Today’s Historic Images Through Yesterday’s Lens - Colorado Springs and Beyond

March 10th - April 10th

Jones, an award-winning Colorado Springs fine art photographer, is featured in the February/March issue of Cowboys & Indians magazine, the most authoritative and prestigious Western lifestyle publication in the Country.
Cowboys & Indians chose to feature Jones’ authentic, wet plate collodion photography, because much of what America learned about the Civil War, Western Expansion and Cowboys and Indians was captured on wet plate photography in the middle to late 1800s.

February Event

Thursday, February 3rd

The Living West

Join us, Thursday, February 3rd from 4PM-8PM for an Opening Reception of new work from 17 year old Artist Prodigy Cody Oldham.
Cody will be in attendance and live painting during this special event. The Living West explores the elusiveness of nature, the fleeting scenes of wildlife and the world that exists independent of human perception. Follow this young man on his journey through our western landscape and discover the hidden elements his unadulterated eyes choose to accentuate as he brings them into focus, celebrating their nuances.

November Event

Chula Beauregard Artist
Cody Oldham Artist
Live Painting with Chula Beauregard and Cody Oldham

November 27th

Saturday, Nov. 27th 2021 10AM- 4PM

Join us the Saturday after Thanksgiving as we host Chula Beauregard and Cody Oldham during this special live painting event. Both artists will be set up painting new pieces while available to visit with guests and collectors, answering questions about motivation, techniques, style, background... etc. Chula Beauregard displays a nuanced hand while celebrating the natural world and exploring its connection to modern progress. Her serene landscapes are a pleasant escape from our tumultuous times. While 17 year old Cody Oldham is just beginning his artistic journey. The vibrant color palette he's known for in his landscape painting conveys a sense of hyperreality, giving the pieces an epic quality. Oldham also lives among wildcats on his family's Mountain Lion Refuge and Rescue, giving him plenty of fodder for the wildlife paintings which he already has a reputation for creating. Don't miss this exceptional event!

Alexandr Onishenko - One Man Show

Alexandr Onishenko Artist
Opening Reception

Thursday, Nov 11th, 4-8PM

You're invited to attend and discover this collection of his newest body of work.

Originally from the Ukraine and now one of the most successful artists in the Czech Republic, Alexander Onishenko arrived in Prague in 1991 carrying little more than his painting equipment and a dream he began painting on Prague's famous Charles Bridge. Less than a year after undertaking this rite of passage his work was quickly recognized by the art community and he was offered exhibitions not just in the Czech Republic but also in Germany, France, Spain, England and the United States.

October Event

Show Opening Over 2 Days with Artists Receptions

October 14th - 15th

Thursday, Oct 14th - Friday, Oct. 15th 4PM - 8PM

Natural Sublime - Exploring the Emotional Connection Between Art and Nature

Presenting a Three-Person Show with Jared Brady, Robin Cole and Melissa Cooper. Join us both Thursday and Friday from 4:00PM - 8:00PM for Opening Receptions with all 3 artists in attendance displaying new and wonderful works.
Don't be fooled by Jared Brady's youth, his mature and developed pieces are fully realized and invoke a familiarity through their honesty. While Robin Cole's ethereal sensibilities transport the viewer to her world, expansive yet still intimate. These artists' works are complemented by the stunning sculpture of Melissa Cooper, so realistic, her pieces seem to be plucked from the woods.
Join us for this 3-Person show and discover your own connections to nature through their artwork.

Art & Jazz Event

Special Event With Artists Painting and Sculpting

August 27th - 28th

Friday, Aug. 27th & Saturday, Aug. 28th 10AM - 4PM

Enjoy World-Class Jazz Music & Visit With Nationally Recognized Artists As Masterpieces Are Created Across The Broadmoor Property

Broadmoor Art Experience

The Show

July 10 - Aug 1

Join us as the Broadmoor Galleries hosts our 4th annual Broadmoor Art Experience in association with the Broadmoor Hotel.
Opening the 2nd weekend of the month, July 10th and 11th, the show takes place over four weekends, with 15-20 artists setting up each Saturday and Sunday across the Broadmoor Property.
Visit with artists while they create new pieces on-site, ask questions, or inquire about acquisitions.

Ovanes Berberian, Master Impressionist

Ovanes Berberian Painting June in Provence Oil on Board
A One Man Show

July 8th

Thursday 4-8pm - with the artist

“One of the shinning stars in American art, Ovanes is a nationally renowned teacher and plein aire artist who has been at the forefront of the American art scene for many years. His deep understanding of hue, value, and color relationships make him sought after not only by collectors but...

Cody Oldham Solo Show

Show Opening

February 26-27th

Friday 3-7pm - with the artist
Saturday 1-6pm - with the artist

He began his artistic career experimenting with abstracts, wildlife, and dinosaurs (as any kid would). He started by sculpting dinosaurs then paintings them. New York artist James Gurney inspired him to paint dinosaurs and is still a huge influence on Cody’s work...

Live Video From Event

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