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Raised in both Oklahoma and Texas, Greg Kelsey spent most of his life around two parallel interests, art and ranching. His sculptures reflect his long involvement with ‘cowboy life’ and his love of western history.

He grew up working his grandfather’s registered longhorn herd and nurtured a love for western traditions and cowboy living. He now finds With a growing art career and young family he still finds time to crawl on the back of a horse every day and gain a little peace of mind and inspiration.

Kelsey’s western themes stem from a rich western lifestyle. He comments: “Whether it’s buckin’ horses, ropin’, pushin’ cows or whatever, that’s where I get my inspiration for art and for everyday decisions. That’s the current, right there. You get out of the current and all those ideas and abilities seem to pass you by. Get back in the saddle and it’s all there again.”

He grew up in an artistic family environment and observed sculpting and the lives of others making a career of it. But his own artistic calling wasn’t brought to the fore until he went back to college to get his Art degree. He stuck his hands in the clay for the first time in late 1997 at age 26 and hasn’t put it down since. He discovered a passion for sculpting, designing, and strives to capture emotion and gesture and transfer energy and movement into each piece.

Greg Kelsey won the Artists’ Choice Award with his sculpture, Little Brother of War at the C.M. Russell Art Auction in March 2001. It was his first time to attend the auction and his first juried show.

In May 2001 Greg was awarded Best of Show – Sculpture with Playing to the Wind at the National Western Art Show & Auction in Ellensburg, Washington and the Artist Roundup Award for the best new artist in attendance.

December 2002 brought the First Place Sculpture award at the NFR (National Finals Rodeo) Open Art Show hosted by the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Artists Association in Las Vegas, Nevada with My Own Buckin’ Business.

In January of 2003, Greg won the Best Sculpture Award at the Night of the Artists in San Antonio, Texas. The Art Sale and Gala was hosted by The National Center for American Western Art. September of 2003 brought the Silver Medal Award at the Bosque Art Competition in Clifton, TX for Drinkin’ with the Ladies.

Of his art, Kelsey comments, “As soon as I stuck my hands in the clay for the first time, it was like somebody pushed the accelerator to the floorboard — it was an immediate love.” He continues to sculpt with that first love intensity. His goal is to creat sculpture that captivates viewers.

Greg Kelsey Sculpture, Bronze 16 X 4.5 X 7.5 (Interest categories: Bronze, Cowboy, Thinking, Sculpture, Sculptures and Accent Pieces, Fine Art, Art Gallery, Greg Kelsey Artist)

C.M. Russell Art Show & Auction, Great Falls, Montana
Ellensburg National Art Show & Auction, Ellensburg, Washington
Stampede Western Invitational Art Show & Sale, Greeley, Colorado
Best of the West, Pinetop, Arizona
C.M. Russell Museum Benefit, Great Falls, Montana
Bosque Art Competition, Clifton, Texas
Mountain Oyster Show & Sale, Tucson, Arizona
Night of the Artists, San Antonio, Texas
Phippen Museum Fine Art Show & Sale, Prescott, Arizona
Treasure State Art Show, Hamilton, MT
Sculpture in the Park, Loveland, Colorado
National Finals Rodeo Art Show, Las Vegas, Nevada
Greeley Historical Museum Exhibit "Home on the Front Range" 2005
2001 Artists' Choice Award - C.M. Russell Art Auction for
"Little Brother of War"

2001 Best of Show Sculpture - Ellensburg National Art Show & Auction for
"Playing to the Wind"

2001 Artist Roundup Award - Ellensburg National Art Show & Auction for Best new artist

2002 First Place Sculpture Award - National Finals Rodeo Open Art Show hosted by the Professional Rodeo Artists Association for
"My Own Buckin' Business"

2003 Best Sculpture Award - Night of the Artists hosted by The National Center for American Western Art for
"Little Brother of War"

2003 Silver Medal Sculpture Award - Bosque Art Competition for
"Drinkin' With the Ladies"

2005 Corral West Western Award Best of the West Art Invitational Exhibition for
best grouping
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Tue – Sat

Workshop Materials List

1. Clay – Chavant Le Beau Touche. Get the regular clay, not HM (high melt).
2. Clay warming devices, a metal bucket with a clamp on heat lamp or 100 W bulb works great.
3. Tie wire.
4. Aluminum foil.
5. Scissors.
6. Favorite sculpture tools.
7. Plank of wood (pine) approximately 8″ x 8″ x 2″.
Bring as many planks as you wish…the wood is used as the base for your sculpture.
8. Plumber’s pipe, 1/2″ threaded: Bring several different lengths…up to 10″…not PVC pipe.
Plumber’s pipe T joint.
Plumber’s pipe couplers.
Plumber’s pipe flange.
9. Screws and screwdriver to secure the flange to wood…this may be done before you arrive. (Place flange in the center of plank)
10. Wire cutters
11. Needle nose pliers
12. Rubber mallet.
13. Spatula
14. Measuring devices such as rulers, measuring tape, dividers, and calipers.
15. Because we concentrate on BIRDS IN FLIGHT, live models in the classroom are more distracting than useful. I will demonstrate the technique of constructing a cantilevered bird armature that can be used for many different bird species and will show you how to assemble shapes to capture the “gist” of the specific bird.
16. Bird field guides such as Peterson, Stokes, Golden, or Sibley. Sibley’s Guide to Birds (not Sibley’s Guide to Bird Life and Behavior) is best if bringing only one field guide. This popular book can usually be purchased at any bookstore.
17. Bring your laptop to the class if possible.
18. Bring your sketchbook.

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