Wille (Peekapoo)


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College of Art and Design in Denver, Colorado. They have two wonderful boys that have been very tolerant, and supportive of their parents’ artistic obsession and hobbies. Bill and Renee also had the honor and privilege to share their lives and family with their best friends; their dogs.

For years Bill painted oil landscapes and Renee cut her scratchboards that were displayed and managed by several galleries throughout Colorado. In 1989 they left their two-dimensional pieces behind and began to collaborate and create sculptures.

While some couples may have difficulties working together, Bill and Renee’s ability to work together make for a very creative and productive partnership. Since they both have a love and respect of animals, they created bronze wildlife sculptures. They found themselves being commissioned to sculpt dogs. It was there they focused their energies, which has now become their passion and specialty. They hope to share the dog’s lives and personalities through their sculptures.

Bill and Renee Shisler Sculpture, Bronze 16 X 20 X 8 (Interest categories: Bronze, Life Size, Funny, Sculpture, Sculptures and Accent Pieces, Fine Art, Art Gallery, Bill and Renee Shisler Artist)

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