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“I am drawn to the things which speak to the senses; the light and atmosphere of landscapes, the impressions of a moment or a place, the spirit of nature and of people. It is important to me to strive as an artist to paint a variety of subjects and to paint each equally well. I often paint on location or from life. Whether researching sporting life images, landscapes, or places from abroad, painting directly from the subject is essential to capturing the impression of what I see.”

An avid fly fisherman, he was once known best for his close-up paintings of fish. Now, Dix Baines paints a range of subjects in his expressive, light-infused style. Characterized by his bold brushwork and dramatic use of light and color, his paintings depict landscapes, villages, adobe buildings, fishing scenes, and the river environment as a whole.

Baines was born in 1961 in Denver, Colorado; from childhood he expressed a love and talent for drawing. After high school, he attended Brigham Young University where he enrolled in painting classes. Having shown impressive skill for realism, Baines was encouraged by his professor to enter the Interior Design Department. He graduated from BYU an expert at producing quick, accurate, beautiful design drafts. Over the following 10 years Baines developed an accomplished career as an architectural interior designer in Denver. However, his devotion to the fine arts went unsatisfied during much of this time. He enrolled in the Art Students League of Denver where he studied with Quang Ho and Kim English.

In 1996, he submitted his first work to the Arts for the Parks competition, an oil painting of a cutthroat trout. Baines was awarded a seven thousand dollar prize and the piece became part of the Yellowstone National Park’s permanent collection. Encouraged by this recognition and the support of his wife, Kathlyn, Dix decided to leave his career and paint full time. He set up a studio in his home in 1997 and since then has received much recognition.

Dix Baines Estate Painting, Oil on Board 22 X 32 (Interest categories: Oil on Board, Winter, Water, Painting, Traditional Paintings, Fine Art, Art Gallery, Dix Baines Estate Artist)


A.R. Mitchell Museum Invitational, Colorado 2011-2012, 2014

Panhandle-Plains Museum Art Show, Texas, 2010-2016

Loyalhanna Watershed Association Annual Art Auction, Pennsylvania, 1998, 2001, 2006-2016

Howard/Mandville Annual Miniature Show, Washington, 2001-2014

“Notes and Brushstrokes,” Dix Baines Studio, Colorado 2011-2015

“Albuquerque Museum Miniatures,” New Mexico, 2001, 2013

“Expressions of the West,” Coos Museum, May 2013

“Stampede Western Invitational Art Show,” Colorado, 2003, 2006-2013

“Colorado Landscapes,” Hayden Hays Gallery, Colorado, 2013

“Along the Way,” One Man Show Hayden Hays Gallery, Colorado 2012

Holiday Miniature Show, Evergreen Fine Art Gallery, Colorado 2012-2013

“Weekend in the West,” Evergreen Fine Art Gallery, Colorado 2012-2013

“Western Masters Art Show,” Montana, 2011-2012

“Off the Wall Auction,” Montana, 2012

“11th Annual Night of the Artists,” Brisco Art Museum, Texas, 2012

“Buffalo Bill Art Show,” Wyoming 2002-2011

“Art for the Sangres,” Colorado, 2000-2012

CM Russell Art Auction, Montana, March 2010

Paint America, National, March 2010

One man show, McLarry Fine Art Gallery, New Mexico 2002-2006

American Art in Miniature, Gilcrease Museum, Oklahoma, 2000,2001, 2004, 2006-2009

“Representing the West” show, Sangre Arts Center, Colorado, 2005, 2007

“Waterfowl Festival,” Maryland, 2004

Southeastern Wildlife Exposition, 2004, 2005

“Wildlife Art” show, Richard James Galleries, South Carolina, 2003

One man show, Visions West Gallery, Montana 2002, 2004

“Rising Star for 2002,” Desert Caballeros Western Museum, Arizona, 2002

Feature Artist, “Fly Fishing Show,” Visions West Gallery, Montana 2001

“The Great Rist Canyon Fine Art Auction,” CO 2000-2008

“American Miniature Show,” Settlers West Gallery, Arizona, 2000-2002

“Colorado Governor’s” show, Colorado 2002-2011, 2013

Loyalhanna Watershed Annual Art Auction, Featured Invitation Artist, Pennsylvania, 2011

“History of the Saints”, TV Show, Featured Paintings, 2011

International Art Competition, Church History Museum, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2009

Finalist, Landscape/Interior category, The Artist's Magazine 26th Annual Art Competition, 2009

Artist Feature, ¬Wildlife Art Magazine, September/October 2006

Best of Show, Howard/Mandville Miniature Show, Washington, 2005

Juror’s Choice Award, “Representing the West” show, Sangre Arts Center, Colorado, 2005

First Place Oil Category, “Images of Parker,” Colorado 2005, 2007, 2008

Back Cover, Gray’s Sporting Journal, February 2004

Arts for the Parks Miniatures Regional Winner 2003

Arts for the Parks Top 100 1997, 1996, 2003

Feature article, “Colorado Expressions” Magazine, November 2003

Cover, Wildlife Art Magazine and Article September/October 2002 issue

Artist Feature, Big Sky Journal, February 2002 issue

Artist Feature, Southwest Art Magazine, December 2000 issue

“Best of the West,” Southwest Art Magazine, May and July 2000 issues

Artist work featured in book “Forgotten Fly’s” by Paul Schmookler, May 2000

Artist’s Profile KUSA Channel 9 news, Colorado May 1999 (Emmy Award winning)

Artist Feature ESPN’s Flyfishing America, April 1998

Award of Merit Purchase Award Arts for the Parks, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, 1996

Arts for the Parks Top 200 1995, Wyoming
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Monday – Saturday 9:30AM-5:30PM
Sunday: 9:30 AM-5:00PM

Workshop Materials List

1. Clay – Chavant Le Beau Touche. Get the regular clay, not HM (high melt).
2. Clay warming devices, a metal bucket with a clamp on heat lamp or 100 W bulb works great.
3. Tie wire.
4. Aluminum foil.
5. Scissors.
6. Favorite sculpture tools.
7. Plank of wood (pine) approximately 8″ x 8″ x 2″.
Bring as many planks as you wish…the wood is used as the base for your sculpture.
8. Plumber’s pipe, 1/2″ threaded: Bring several different lengths…up to 10″…not PVC pipe.
Plumber’s pipe T joint.
Plumber’s pipe couplers.
Plumber’s pipe flange.
9. Screws and screwdriver to secure the flange to wood…this may be done before you arrive. (Place flange in the center of plank)
10. Wire cutters
11. Needle nose pliers
12. Rubber mallet.
13. Spatula
14. Measuring devices such as rulers, measuring tape, dividers, and calipers.
15. Because we concentrate on BIRDS IN FLIGHT, live models in the classroom are more distracting than useful. I will demonstrate the technique of constructing a cantilevered bird armature that can be used for many different bird species and will show you how to assemble shapes to capture the “gist” of the specific bird.
16. Bird field guides such as Peterson, Stokes, Golden, or Sibley. Sibley’s Guide to Birds (not Sibley’s Guide to Bird Life and Behavior) is best if bringing only one field guide. This popular book can usually be purchased at any bookstore.
17. Bring your laptop to the class if possible.
18. Bring your sketchbook.

1 Lake Circle Colorado Springs, Colorado 80906