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b.1948 - 2021

Kent Talmage-Bowers was a native of Denver, Colorado where he lived and worked. He studied etching and printmaking in Massachusetts before establishing his own studio in Denver. The style and subjects of his etchings are varied, ranging from the traditional to experimental. In the last few years he concentrated upon American city landscapes and portraits of literary, artistic, historical and sports personalities. Kent worked almost exclusively in the dry point method as it gives the richest tones and a subtle impressionist texture.

Kent Talmage-Bowers had a long teaching career in the Denver area. He taught English, social studies, humanities and alternative education at Northglenn High School for 29 years, 12 of which he was department chair. Talmage-Bowers supervised interns in education at the University of Colorado Denver and Metropolitan State College of Denver. He was on the faculty of Front Range Community College and was in his seventh year at the Community College of Aurora in the Departments of Arts and Humanities and English as a Second Language. Talmage-Bowers wrote poetry and was a practicing artist specializing in etching, with a particular interest in urban landscapes. He was a graduate of Colgate University and held a master’s degree from Brown University.

Kent Talmage-Bowers Printmaking, Etching 9.5 X 8 (Interest categories: Etching, President, Portrait, Printmaking, Works On Paper, Fine Art, Art Gallery, Kent Talmage-Bowers Artist)

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